Technical translations German <–> English for manuals, brochures, technical publications, training guides and articles for the trade press in the following fields:

Automation, electrical engineering, process engineering, electronics, sensor technology, fieldbus technology, machine building, system building, closed-loop and open-loop control, building services technology, fuzzy logic, safety technology, EMC, IT.

for devices and systems such as:
  • PLC, control relays, touch panels, safety controllers, I/O devices, CNC and positioning controllers, RFID,
  • Profibus, AS-i, CANopen, HVAC systems
  • Drives, frequency inverters, soft starters
  • Circuit-breakers, industrial switchgear, control circuit devices, contactors, motor protection
  • Power distribution systems, busbar systems, arc fault protection
  • PV installations, environmental technology
  • Production plants

Software localization German –> English (dialog texts, help texts) for application software e.g.:
  • PLC programming software
  • Process control / touch panel design software
  • Programming software for control relays

Interpreting German –> English for specialist events and conferences
24 years of experience in technical translation
Translations that convey the meaning and quality of your documentation and don't just translate the words
Technical Translations German – English:
Automation, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Process Engineering, IT
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