Here are a few examples of my work. They will also give you an idea of what has to be considered when you give a text to a translation agency or translator.

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Operating manual   Eaton Moeller HB
This extract from an Eaton Moeller operating manual contains translations of PLC programs, i.e. translated program variables and comments. This requires the translator to also have a knowledge of programming in order to translate in compliance with the program syntax. Otherwise the program will not work! Look out for these kinds of issues and similar when assigning or planning a translation. Technical guides, for example, can often contain extracts from standards, for which the texts already exist in the relevant overseas standard. A good translator won't always know what he shouldn't translate. Ideally, the issues of a German text for international publication should already be taken into account with the production of the original German document.

Technical publication  Moeler Solutions
The latest edition of the 'Moeller Solutions' automation magazine.  A mixture of sales text and technical material from the electrical engineering and automation sector, as well as the technical application fields in which the automation products are used. In other words, a challenging combination of marketing style in which the technical content has to be correct for all sectors. These publications have my name in the imprint.

Article for the trade press Turck Interview
The above interview with a managing director of Turck for the sector publication KEM also presented a challenge in translation - the combination of accurate technical content with a flowing and easy to read marketing style. The translator must have expertise in both the technical and marketing language.

Training material EasySoft Programming
The animations and application programs on this link were translated by me in the actual programming software. This naturally requires the translator to have an understanding of programming techniques and associated functions (e.g. counters, shift registers, Boolean logic) of PLC applications as well as a user-friendly language style that increases the learning effect. The dialog texts and help texts of easysoft were also translated by me!
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